View Full Version : Cunning plan unhatched

01-08-16, 09:29 PM
Here in the sleepy little hollow that I live in we have a new young Hyway Patrol Officer that is being a pain in the arse pulled up twice in three days for license check and breath test and told how my tyres are getting close to the tyre wear indicators he didn't like when i said close is still road worthy though. Now to unhatch my cunning plan to get even first work out when his shift is and take note he gets his morning coffee and donuts from the place next door to where I buy my newspaper. So at work we have a few old license plates out of rego of course and I put a plate in my pocket and wait till he drives off an flash the plate and let his license plate recognition bull shit do its thing and then watch him look for unregistered motorcycle best start to the day ever LOL never fuck with an old guy Cheers Murf.

01-08-16, 09:44 PM
you gotta love that. the eleventh commandment applies here don't get caught;enjoy

02-08-16, 07:14 AM
Hahahahah love it Murf! Someone needs to learn a thing or two...

Nick Kakasiouris
02-08-16, 09:42 AM
Remind me never to piss you off Murf and you have my blessing to get one back on Ossifer Blod:D