View Full Version : Wow - Can I take a closer look!!!!!

15-10-15, 11:58 AM
Nice tat!!!!!!


15-10-15, 03:04 PM
hahahha, Back when I was single I was chatting a bird up who had the same tattoo on her wrist - I asked her what it meant "It's the Kanji for Power". I replied, "Close. It's actually sword, or Katana to be precise. I've got it on the side of my motorcycle". She was adamant it meant power. I guess, in a way, a sword is power... anyway, she decided to stop talking to me.

15-10-15, 06:39 PM
They're close. The stroke on the left doesn't pass through the top one for Katana. That one is power.
A mate of mine is all over it and told me the Katana Kanji was close to the power Kanji which was ironic as my Kat was close to having some power but not quite there.