View Full Version : Crankshaft

19-09-15, 08:46 PM
Do you think this will fit an 1100 Kat?


19-09-15, 09:17 PM
...Na ..with a slipper bearing crank, it would have to be out of a 750!!:eek:

19-09-15, 09:46 PM
Derek...... have you been talking to Joe about stroking that blue seat of yours?

20-09-15, 08:54 AM
.......no - but as you know, often when we get back to the parking lot we find MR A.N.Other stroking the blue seat...........coupled with the words "Back in the 80"s - I used to have one just like this....."

Yeah right!

Nick Kakasiouris
20-09-15, 10:28 AM
Oh how i would like a dollar every time that has been said to one of my Kat's. The last bloke that said that got the look of death from the other half,:D