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05-08-15, 11:01 PM
G'day all,

I am seeking your support to raise the issue of texting and driving.

Lost my step daughter almost 3 years ago as a result of texting and driving.

Please pass our messages around the dangers of texting on to your family members. Encourage them to visit www.dont-txt-n-drive.com

During the month of August Woolies are supporting our cause in North East Victoria and on the Mornington Peninsular and I think you'll see some major advertising around Sydney soon.

I havn't ridden on the road in 10 years but the thought of drivers being more distracted now then ever before really scares me.

Stay safe,



05-08-15, 11:48 PM
3955 Jeers Murf Sorry to hear of your loss such a waste.

06-08-15, 12:35 AM
I'm a newly returned rider and acknowledge that ihave been txt, emailing and surfing the net whilst driving ( safe in the knowledge that I'm "a Good Driver" ).
Doing a couple of rider courses at HART, I found myself paying even more attention to my surroundings whilst driving.

The good news is I now don't txt or other while driving or make outgoing calls, and screen incoming calls whilst moving to only what may be urgent.

I know there are products on the market for riders to use and connect mobile phones, but there is no way I'll use them.

Thanks Douges and keep up the promotion.
Happy to support in my area as much as possible


06-08-15, 01:27 PM
So sorry to read of your loss Douges My thoughts on this carry on first time caught 6 months loss of licence $1000 6 points .Second time 2 years loss $4000 10 points .Third time LICENCE REVOKED PERMANANTLY Australia wide $6000 fine car and phone confiscated no return do I hate these pri--s na same for drink driving not a govt with the balls to go there If injury or death auto min three months jail as well as other discouragement as listed .go hard on your MPs I wish you well with this

06-08-15, 06:41 PM
Sorry about your loss Douges. Using your cellphone for texting or calling whilst driving is just plain stupid. Here in Cape Town if you get caught using your phone whilst driving, your phone is confiscated and can only be retrieved at a designated depot after the paying of a pretty substantial fine. Good move IMHO

06-08-15, 07:09 PM
In the words of the Honorable Kevin 'Bloody' Wilson - STICK THAT FUCKIN PHONE UP YOUR FUCKIN ARSE !!!!!!!!!!!

Good luck Douges with the campaign!!!

06-08-15, 07:45 PM
Thanks Murf

06-08-15, 07:55 PM
Thanks Tomcat. I think we have all done the same thing at some stage. I ended up out the Calder Highway one day instead of out the Tulla Freeway and I was using my hands-free unit; simply shows if we arn't concentrating 100% we are not 100% safe. Looks like we may have been successful with a $30,000 grant to fund some road safety billboard signage around Sydney. Might need some local advice on where to fund some billboards.

06-08-15, 07:58 PM
Top effort with the funding grant Douges - have no knowledge of Sydney though - never been there...

06-08-15, 08:00 PM
Thanks Donga. We will keep up pressure and continue the fight. Victoria created new mobile phone laws prohibiting "P" plate'rs from using any form of mobile phone due to lack of driving experience. Government called it "Brookes Law" after the step daughter.

06-08-15, 08:01 PM
I like that outcome Melwain. Stay safe on the road.

06-08-15, 08:02 PM
Thanks Rusty. Stay safe on the road bloke.

06-08-15, 08:49 PM
This is ironic as in todays QT..The Queensland Times,6 AUGUST 2015, I have had a letter published on this very subject under the heading "Mobile phone laws must be tougher"...The Premier Annasatacia Palaszczuk and the Police Minister Jo-Ann Miller and their "Law Making Decision Makers" have come down hard on motorists using their mobile phones. What a joke. As a motorcyclist every day some inattentive driver using their mobile phone tries to run me over! If you are serious about stopping motorists using their mobile phones and we're told it is as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs make the penalty fit the offence. A big fine and confiscate their phone! This is the only action that would make them reconsider using their phone while driving. Ian Campbell Walloon....VERBATIM

06-08-15, 09:44 PM
G'day Ian, happy to any help any way we can. We havn't had a lot of coverage in Queensland but we are in this for the long haul and are happy to lobby any politician who might listen or seek some coverage in local media. I might try and contact the QT with a responding letter supporting your letter and raise the issue yet again. Happy to send you some Don't text n drive items to hand out to anyone who will listen.

06-08-15, 10:05 PM
..Douges, I'd be happy to, cheers Ian...The address is Ian Campbell 8 Eucalyptus Place Walloon Queensland 4306.
..PS..You can write letters to the QT on their web site.